"What We Lost to Flames" is the third episode of Season One of YouTube's Subjects. It originally aired on November 11th, 2015.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The team is working the case of an arsonist burning down classrooms in Greenaway High. When Courtney is brought in to help the team, it is revealed that her best friend Melissa has been kidnapped.

After a surprise meeting with George, the arsonist and kidnapper is revealed to be Tina Cress, holding Melissa in a shed at the Auwell school allotment.

The episode ends with both Melissa and Tina burning alive due to Theodore's incompetence, creating a rift between Theodore and Alexis, and leaving both Courtney and George deeply saddened.

Cast Edit

Credited Edit

** - Did not have lines in this episode

Trivia Edit

  • Last appearance of Tina Cress and Melissa Bronsen
  • First appearance of Stella and Eric 'The Pug' Summers
  • The episode was never meant to feature Tina Cress, but due to popular demand, the character was asked to return.
  • Courtney's home life is seen for the first time, with her mother's drug habit revealed.
  • This episode features Courtney spending time with the rest of the team, and is the first instance of this.
  • Alexis' new bedroom is featured for the first time in this episode also, differing from the room seen in Downwards Spiral, due to a behind the scenes house move.
  • A deleted scene in this episode depicts George offering Theodore emotional support, however it was removed to suit Theodore's new personality.
  • Theodore wears his sunglasses in every scene of this episode, apart from one. This episode is also the first appearance of George's sunglasses, and the only appearance in season one.

Errors Edit

  • The camera case can be seen on the table next to Tina and George in the café scene.
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