"Vampire" is the second episode of Season One of YouTube's Subjects. It originally aired on August 31st, 2015.

Plot Synopsis Edit

While on a school trip to Freeman Forest, Theodore Smith and his team must go head to head with Charles Darcey and a sinister plan of his own making, as well as his beautiful yet deadly mercenary Tina Cress.

Meanwhile, George confronts the demons of his past, on the five year anniversary of his parent's deaths, at the hands of an armed robbery.

Charles and Tina are accosted by the end of the episode, and Alexis advises George on how to deal with the loss of his parents.

Cast Edit

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Uncredited Edit

** - Did not have lines in the episode

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Tina Cress
  • Last appearance of Mario Sakalov
  • "Vampire" was the first ever episode of Subjects written, with it's first draft by Charlie Ilett, based on a novel he wrote when he was eleven. It was intended to be the first episode of the season, but was pushed back.
  • The original draft didn't feature the deaths of George's parents, and included the caretaker of the school working with Charles to kill the team.
  • Charlie Ilett and Michael Villar Noguera, who portray Charles and George, also played the two thugs at the beginning of the episode.
  • "Vampire" was the first episode to feature Freeman Forest, named after the actor Martin Freeman.
  • Tina Cress was only included in the script hurriedly, in a last draft.

Errors Edit

  • When Theodore and Alexis hear a "pupil talking" from inside their tent, the sound actually resembles some kind of animal call or cry.
  • George tells Alexis that the episode is set on the five year anniversary of his parent's deaths, but the opening of the episode displays the text "Six years ago".
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