"The Interview" is the fourth and final episode of Season One of YouTube's Subjects. It originally aired on January 3rd, 2016.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Theodore Smith's team work the case of their first serial killer - or SCSS, who seems to be posing bodies like famous works of art.

Meanwhile, Theodore and Alexis' relationship grows ever more dysfunctional, resulting in Theodore sending Alexis home.

George, Theodore and Courtney work the case, to find that Sarah Barnes has become a murderer, manipulated by her art teacher Mr Perkins. Alexis takes down Sarah in a fight, while Theodore arrests Mr Perkins after a takedown in a lake.

Despite the team's victory, Alexis reveals to George that she can't stay with the team, leaving the group and dropping out of Greenaway High altogether.

Cast Edit

Credited Edit

** - Did not have lines in the episode

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Sarah Barnes
  • Last appearance of Sarah Barnes and Franklin Perkins
  • Theodore never wears the same sunglasses twice. Showing a few new variants.
  • Theo Thacker, who plays Theodore, improvised the entire dance routine and was filmed for around two minutes each take.
  • Ian Ilett genuinely slipped when entering the lake.
  • Ian Ilett improvised Mr Perkins' mad rant in the lake.
  • Brandon Jenkins filmed the art room scenes.
  • The song during the dance scene aswell as Sarah Barnes' introduction was originally, and for some time, planned to be Britney Spears - Toxic, however due to copyright issues, it was changed.
  • The Twelfth Doctor's theme from Doctor Who was used in the opening scene.
  • The opening scene was filmed on the night of release, much like the last scene of Downwards Spiral.
  • Theo Thacker, Charlie Ilett, Ted Benham and Brandon Jenkins made Mr Perkins' sculpture and managed to keep it a secret before the release of the episode, shocking viewers.
  • Theo Thacker and Charlie Ilett completely improvised the scene in George's bedroom.
  • Louise Heath's teddy is the one that Theodore pours wine down in George's bedroom.

Errors Edit

  • Behind Sarah, after the fight scene, you can see the camera case and a bottle of fake blood used in that very scene.
  • The radio mic's that were introduced during production of this episode are seen on screen a lot.
  • Theodore's trousers change throughout the episode from black and white plaid to plain black due to a costume mistake.
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