Stella Summers is a character first introduced in Season One of Youtube's Subjects. She is the Mother to the character of Courtney Summers.

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It can be seen that before "What We Lost To Flames" and even during the events of the episode that Stella is addicted to drugs of some kind. Whilst unspecified, she can be seen taking pills and pain killers. There is a noticeable lack of a Husband in Stella's life, however, he may just be living separately. Maybe her dog, Eric, is her only companion.

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"What We Lost To Flames" Edit

Stella makes her first appearance in this episode. Stella is seen sitting, watching Jeremy Kyle as her daughter leaves the house. After saying bye to Courtney, a flashback is shown of Stella, seemingly incapacitated due to overdose with Courtney desperately trying to wake her up.

Behind The Scenes Edit

  • Whilst rarely in the show, the role of Stella was given to Vicky Ilett after she prompted Charlie Ilett with all sorts of wild ideas, such as a PTA spin-off of Subjects.
  • Theo Thacker and Vicky Ilett are jokingly self professed "best friends", with Theo Thacker being the writer who decided to bring back Stella for season two.

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