Louise Raine on the camping trip in Vampire

Louise Raine was a female pupil of Greenaway High School in year twelve, who attended the Freeman Forest overnight camping trip in Vampire, along with Theodore Smith, George Wright, Alexis Lance and Charles Darcey. She was in year eleven at this time. She also shares a history class with George, Theodore and Imogen Bennett. Theodore often teases George, hinting that George has a crush on Louise.

'Camper Two'[edit | edit source]

The character of Louise Raine has gained cult status among Subjects fans, due to her being granted the mantle of 'Camper Two'. This title is derived from Louise Heath's love of the number two as it is her favorite number. This, however, does not make any logical sense as Louise is in fact the fifth camper to be listed in the credits of Vampire.

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