"Downwards Spiral" is the first episode of Season One of YouTube's Subjects. It premiered on June 14th, 2015.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Theodore Smith and his team: George Wright, Alexis Lance and Courtney Summers, track down drug-addled murderer Malcolm Axel, after he kills a year seven - Shamil Joshi - in a mad rage.

The boxer-turned-murderer is eventually shot dead by Theodore. This event greatly saddens Theodore and his team alike, and leaves all in a state of shock, setting up events to come.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Credited[edit | edit source]

Uncredited[edit | edit source]

  • Malcolm Axel

** - Did not have lines in the episode

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First appearance of Theodore Smith, George Wright, Alexis Lance, Courtney Summers, Mario Sakalov, Melissa Bronsen and Mr Perkins.
  • Downwards Spiral is the first ever episode of Subjects, and the only episode to ever be written by Charlie Ilett working singularly.
  • The actor who portrayed Malcolm Axel requested that his presence in the episode go uncredited.
  • Charlie Ilett, the actor that portrays George Wright, was the voiceover for Malcolm's inner dialogue.
  • Vicky Ilett, who also portrays Courtney's mother Stella, supplied the voiceover for Alexis' mum. This is the only appearance of Alexis' parents.
  • Michael Villar-Noguera, the actor who portrays Charles Darcey, was the cameraman for the scene in Mario Sakalov's house.
  • Incidentally, the scene in Mario Sakalov's house was the first seen ever to be shot for Subjects.
  • Lucy Ilett operated the boom mic used in Downwards Spiral.
  • Downwards Spiral is the only episode to feature the 'Disused Teacher's Study' as the Crime Scene Room. After this, the location was changed to the school basement due to a behind the scenes house move.
  • This also changed the location of Alexis' bedroom and Courtney's Tech Room, although this is less noticeable, and is never addressed onscreen.
  • Downwards Spiral is the only episode to feature narration from a main character, a feature intended to be at the end of every episode. This was quickly dropped.
  • Although widely considered to be the worst episode of Subjects season one, Downwards Spiral was the episode with the longest amount of principal photography, taking four months to film.
  • Theo Thacker, who portrays Theodore Smith, struggles to watch Downwards Spiral, due to Theodore's solemn nature, and the poor production values of the episode.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the rushed and frenzied nature of Downwards Spiral's post production, the episode was released without colour grading, unlike every other episode following it.
  • Theodore's Luger can be seen lying on the table in the Breakfast Club classroom.
  • In the scene where George comforts Theodore after he shoots Malcolm, the boom mic used in the episode can clearly be seen resting on the table.
  • Multiple audio crackles and glitches are heard throughout the episode, due to various editing glitches and haphazard microphone operation and sound recording.
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