Charles Darcey is a student of Greenaway High comprehensive school, turned attempted murderer in YouTube's Subjects. During a school trip to Freeman Forest, Charles attempted to murder Theodore Smith, George Wright and Alexis Lance, due to Theodore killing Charles' best friend, Malcolm Axel.

Personality Edit

Charles is shown to be deeply pathological and calculated, stopping at nothing to revenge his friend's death. He is careful in planning, and sure never to be too quick in quarrel, with a hatred, anger and bitterness eating away at the very core of who he is as a person.

While Charles' plan to murder the team never succeeds, it is the planning, organisation and thought process behind the orchestration of the scheme that earns him his reputation as a cold blooded villain. As well as holding a darkness within his mind, Charles has also been seen to show sympathy towards George, extreme rage towards those who threaten him, and brutal loyalty towards his friends. This suggests that he has emotional capacity unlike a pure psychopath, maybe even heightened emotional capacities.

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